The best I’ve ever seen him do:

Danell Leyva P-Bars Training

WOW.  This is in preparation for the upcoming World Stars meet in Moscow, which will be next weekend.  I’ve just recently started seeing him truly finishing that peach diamidov without having to take a little step with his hand…almost like he figured something out there.  This is an absolutely gorgeous routine, and great to see he is cleaning up some of the little form breaks he has had in the past.  I would call this a world-medal worthy routine, and certainly could win a World Cup title in Moscow next weekend if he repeats it.

Mai Murakami Quadruple Turn Beam

Another WOW from a recent training video!  What is it with the Japanese girls and quad spins on beam?  We saw one of her teammates complete the same skill in training recently.  Perhaps they’re excited about hosting worlds this year and want to debut some new elements (if it still ends up in Tokyo, that is)?  Of course, Mai won’t be competing at worlds this year as she’s not yet age eligible.  Regardless, we hardly see this skill on floor, although it has become slightly more common.  I can only think of one handful of gymnasts who have ever actually competed a triple turn on beam (America’s Betty Okino being the first).

And a separate video of the same skill, just to prove that wasn’t the only time she’s made it:

Can’t wait to see this girl finally take the world stage next year.