This the only footage I’ve found from the Men’s Qualifying Meet this past weekend, but there’s some good stuff in it.  It’s about a 9-minute compliation of many highlights from the meet, including some routines from the top two all-arounders, Jesse Silverstein and Danell Leyva.  Thanks to Ono No Komachi, who posted the link on Gymnastics

In case you don’t want to sift through the entire thing, here’s a few parts you’ll want to catch:

  • Leyva’s marathon high bar routine at 0:42
  • Leyva’s so-so floor routine at 2:42
  • Silverstein’s clean p-bar routine at 6:25
  • Leyva’s triple Yamawaki sequence at 7:00
  • Silverstein’s high bar + floor routines at 7:33

2010 USA Men’s Qualifier Highlights

So apparently Leyva’s routine wasn’t truly worth a 7.5, as there were some special “bonus rules” in place at this meet (as USAG often does at national competitions).  Let’s look at his true start value, which is calculated below:

Takamoto full +                            (D)  0.4

Yamawaki                                       (D)  0.4

CV                                                            0.2

Laid out Kovacs                             (E)  0.5

Liukin                                              (F)  0.6

Takamoto half +                           (D)  0.4

Laid out Tcatchev                         (D)  0.4

CV                                                           0.2

Jam hop to overgrip                     (D)  0.4

Full turn to elgrip                          (C)  0.3

Endo full to mixed grip                (C)  0.3

Laid out double-double                (E)  0.5

Total difficulty points                    4.6

Element Groups                                2.5

Total D-Score                                      7.1

I’m assuming he must have gotten 0.4 in bonus from this competition, which brought it up to a 7.5.  Anyone calculate anything different for this routine?  This is still without a doubt one of the most difficult routines in the world, and if he gets rid of a couple of those deductions (giants after a couple of the release skills, the mistake on the jam hop that I’m sure wasn’t supposed to go to overgrip, and the dismount), he could be looking at a world medal for sure