A few of the best highlights from the junior competition at the Covergirl Classic that I’ve seen so far…

Jordyn Wieber Floor 2010 Covergirl Classic

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DOUBLE-DOUBLE!!!  Many of us have been hoping she would do this skill, because her full-in has always looked so effortless for her.  Even the double-double looks easy!  This is definitely one of the best double-doubles I’ve ever seen on floor, and the other tumbling passes are awesome as well.  I hope she ends up dismounting with the full-in…that would make her transformation into the Shawn Johnson of this quadrennial more complete!  Definitely one of the very best floor routines in the world, no question.  Highest D-score on floor (6.1) of the entire competition, junior and senior.  Final score was 14.7…second highest floor score, junior and senior, behind Ohashi:

Katelyn Ohashi Floor 2010 Covergirl Classic

As Tim Daggett would say, “Phenomenal!”  Can’t believe how mature she is in both her tumbling and dance skills at just 13 years of age.  She’ll turn 15 in 2012, so of course she won’t be eligible for London.  Probably the best “Memmel turn” EVER.  This totally deserved the highest floor score of the meet.

Katelyn Ohashi Bars 2010 Covergirl Classic

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Just another “what-if…” unfortunately, but I guess we’ll just have to enjoy watching her for now.  She should be one of the leaders during the next quadrennial if she stays healthy.

Jordyn Wieber Vault 2010 Covergirl Classic

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Boy, how nice what that be to have on the team.

More to come from this competition!