Women’s Individual All-Around Final – 35th Memorial Joaquim Blume 2010 2010 Jun 5

1.  Ana Maria Izurieta            ESP            56.25

2.  Jessica Lopez                   VEN           55.15

3.  Rebecca Downie                GBR           54.80

4.  Diana Chelaru                    ROM          54.45

These are actually some fairly strong all-around scores in today’s code of points.  Here are some videos:

Ana Maria Izurieta Floor 2010 Blume Memorial


Ana Maria Izurieta Vault 2010 Blume Memorial


Ana Maria Izurieta Beam 2010 Blume Memorial


Very powerful gymnast.  Unfortunately her bars is…well, not worth watching, but she has some very strong tumbling – very typical of the Spanish – a very good DTY on vault, and I’d bet that was probably the beam routine of her life.  Beating three other strong all-arounders is a great accomplishment for this up-and-coming gymnast.

Jessica Lopez Beam 2010 Blume Memorial


Jessica Lopez Floor 2010 Blume Memorial


Jessica Lopez Vault 2010 Blume Memorial


Continuing with undoubtedly the best year of her career, Lopez is getting lovelier and lovelier with each competition.  What incredible poise, grace, and beauty she has in all of her gymnastics…and we didn’t even see her bars, which I actually enjoy watching her on the most.  I think she could probably have pulled a double full on that vault – great height on it.

Rebecca Downie Bars 2010 Blume Memorial


Rebecca Downie Beam 2010 Blume Memorial


Now I’ve always loved watching Downie on bars, but I have to ask…do they even train their cast handstands in Great Britain?  Both she and Beth Tweddle have some of the coolest stuff in the world on bars, yet both have VERY weak cast handstands.  I miss the days when gymnasts popped right up to a handstand with a straight body and legs together…these straddle-ups have gotten WAY out of hand in my opinion.

Diana Chelaru Vault 2010 Blume Memorial


Diana Chelaru Beam 2010 Blume Memorial


Diana Chelaru Floor 2010 Blume Memorial


YIKES!!!  That yikes was for falling on a simple full turn on beam…DEFINITELY not good for Forminte’s reputation at this point, as we would have NEVER seen a Romanian do that under the Belu/Bitang regime.  That’s probably one of the biggest no-no’s in women’s gymnastics, and from one of their best gymnasts no less…ouch.