We just finished up a recent 3D gym design project with a client of ours from evo Athletics. They have a grand vision with this new gym and are focusing not only on a facility that lends itself to world class gymnastics and cheer training, but also has top notch amenities for anyone wishing to hang around while there young athlete practices.

This 30,000 square foot facility comes with a unique cafe setup that feeds in to the viewing area and lounge. It will also features an exercise room with glass walls so parents can watch their kids while they squeeze in a workout.

The gym will have boy’s and girls team and rec gymnastics, cheerleading as well as a Ninja obstacle training area! American Gymnast had the privilege of helping to bring this idea to life. We put a lot of creativity in to our design process to produce a product that gives our clients a realistic glimpse at their future dream gym.

This gym owner opted to add on our very popular walk through video. This video is intended to take you for a life like stroll through the gym, showing off all of the unique attractions your facility has to offer. It’s a great piece to use for marketing your gym on Social Media or your website, not to mention that you can also get some likes and shares from The Marketing Heaven in advance so that your video gets promoted.

Check out the video below. It’s definitely worth your while to see how we were able to bring some of these cool features to life!

American Gymnast would love to help you with your gym design project. Whether you are opening a new facility, redesigning your current one or even need us to design a competition layout, we are here to help you.

Also, we aren’t just limited to gymnastics facilities. We have taken on Multi-Sport Complexes, Crossfit boxes, dance, cheer, Parkour and Ninja training. We can design every inch of the space including lobbies, party rooms, offices etc if you wish to see it.

For more information, download our Design Services PDF here.

Brad Thornton

Lead Facility Designer

American Gymnast