Andy’s take on GymABstics DVD’s!

Many of you have probably heard about Jay’s and my new fitness program called GymABstics.  We’re extremely excited about it, and it’s been amazing to see how the program has progressed from initially just a simple “vision” to now a full-blown comprehensive fitness program available on professional DVD’s!  When the idea of creating a gymnastics-based fitness program for the general public first struck me two years ago, I can honestly say I never envisioned it progressing to this point.  It’s been incredible to see how things have come together in the past year to make this dream a reality, and we couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out.

We’ve put the DVD’s together just in time for the holidays.  They make extremely convenient Christmas gifts and are perfect for burning off those holiday calories we’re all indulging in.  The DVD’s can be purchased individually for $24 each, but we’re also doing a holiday special that will give you the entire program for $99 (rather than $144 regular price).

Here’s a link to our holiday special, including a more detailed look at the program and pictures of our brand new DVD’s:

Firstly, I would recommend everyone that if you are considering to buy sarms or any other forms of supplements to use during this training routine, do not worry as it fits perfectly. You can see to quench your search for where can I buy sarms.And now here’s a quick run-down of the Ten Items included with each DVD:

1)   A 5-7 minute warm-up that will increase your heart rate and prepare your muscles for exercise

2)   A 30-45 minute full-body workout with a specific theme and focus

3)   A 5-7 minute warm-down that will focus on flexibility

4)   A 3-minute “6-Pack Ab Burner” that packages together six unique ab exercises and is designed as a supplement to the full-body workout

5)   A downloadable MP3 format for the workout that will allow you to take GymABstics with you to the gym, out of town, or wherever you need to go

6)   A “Training Tracker” that includes all exercises from the full-body workout and will allow you to track your progress throughout the month

7)   Weekly messages from the creators that include inspirational guidance, ways to modify your workouts throughout the month, and tips from our “Box of Secrets,” which include gymnastics-guided revelations on fitness and nutrition

8)   Three new recommended healthy recipes from the creators’ favorite sources

9)   A nutrition article that will show you the science and research behind a selected dietary topic

10)Practical nutrition tips that will show you some convenient ways to make healthy changes to your daily life

And here are the six workout themes we’ve created, along with the nutrition focus that goes along with each:

Workout Theme Nutrition Focus
1 Building a Foundation Fats
2 Body Booster Total Calories
3 Fat Burner Carbs, Sugars, & Sweeteners
4 Strength and Power Proteins
5 The Sculpting Stage Fruits and Vegetables
6 The Synthesis Alcohol and Caffeine

Again, here’s the link where you can find pictures of the DVD’s, much more info on the program, and our Holiday Special:

Whether you’re a gymnast, a coach, a gymnastics parent, or just someone looking to get more fit than you ever have before, we hope you’ll join us in the GymABstics journey!

Next…I’ll give you a more inside look at how the program was created, along with some behind-the-scenes photos of us at one of the filmings!