Oana Haidu Floor 2010 World Championships

She was 9th in the all-around at worlds and is on the rise…strong on all four events (at least relatively so on uneven bars).  Pretty predictable tumbling but better dance ability, polish, and toepoint than most Romanians.  Definitely one to watch.

Oana Haidu Vault 2010 World Championships

Nice straight body, and one of the only Romanians EVER to keep her legs together and straight on that vault.  She did a great one in team finals too.

Cerasela Patrascu Beam 2010 World Championships

Wow…much more polished than most of the upcoming Romanians we typically see.  She also bears a striking resemblance to Tasha Schwikert.  Not sure what’s up with that dismount, but she really carries herself very well…probably a gymnast we’ll keep hearing about.

Cerasela Patrascu Bars 2010 World Championships

Not bad!  Aside from the dismount, she really had some nice lines and technique in there.

Ashleigh Brennan Beam 2010 World Championships

Solid routine!  Scored a strong 14.3 for 19th place in prelims.

Elisabetta Preziosa Beam 2010 World Championships

One of the most artistic beam routines in the world.  This wasn’t her best, as she scored a 14.2 here but a 14.525 in prelims…couldn’t find that video unfortunately.  Phenomenal flexibility and she uses it very creatively; something we don’t really see so much of anymore.

Elisabetta Preziosa Floor 2010 World Championships

No, the tumbling is not spectacular, but some of the best turns of the entire competition, and enjoyable to watch.