Sanne Wevers Beam 2010 World Championships

How did we miss this routine?  What’s more, how did the judges deduct 1.5??!!  Still the only one in the world I know of who can do the double L-turn on beam, and she does it so incredibly well every time.  She does cheat the full twisting back handspring skills a bit, but I don’t care…she’s amazing to watch.  If she could learn a decent dismount she could be up there with the best in the world.

Elisabeth Seitz Bars 2010 World Championships

We all saw her fall in the final, but did you ever catch her routine from prelims?  A Def done out of a cool combination, a Church, a Yaeger, and a couple of other valuable sequences…very well put together routine.

Yana Demyanchuk Bars 2010 World Championships

She still has a little polishing to do here, but I love all those releases!  The hop full to Tcatchev to Gienger is very refreshing, and so cool to see it done in the opposite direction.  All those little leg splits and slight struggles toward the end must have really added up…she got a 7.333 E-score!

Yana Demyanchuk Beam 2010 World Championships

Just like Elisabeth Seitz, Yana missed her moment to shine when she fell in the final, but this routine from prelims is worth watching.

Mattie Larson Vault 2010 World Championships

Best vault she’s ever done!  It’s such a shame that everyone just seems to focus on Mattie’s floor performances at worlds, because she did hit all of her other events in prelims.  Her vault here was probably one of the best of the entire competition, although the judges somehow found more than 8 tenths to deduct!  I can maybe find 1 or 2.

Mattie Larson Bars 2010 World Championships

Few have appreciated the fact that Mattie’s bars have improved tremendously, and could have certainly been used in the team finals if we had needed.  She has become more aggressive and hits her handstands better than she used to.  This was a strong routine, although unfortunately unnoticed by many fans.

Mackenzie Caquatto Bars 2010 World Championships

Her routine from prelims here was actually better than her routine from team finals, since she connected her Church into the Pak salto here and also hit her toe-on full on the low bar.  She had to cover on both of those areas in the team finals, though it was still a hit set.

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