Did you know that American Gymnast is more than just a gymnastics company?  A couple of years ago, we founded a second company, Interactive Sports Group, to handle our increasing demands of multi-sport projects.  Our ISG and AG teams work together to design and outfit state-of-the-art athletic facilities all over the world.  

Our latest project was a breath-taking 30,000 sq ft multi-sport facility on a private ranch. This facility has it all, including gymnastics, rock climbing, basketball, an indoor hockey rink, bowling alley, ballet, fitness, hockey, and game room!  Our team custom designed the facility, supplied the equipment (except for hockey and bowling alley), and installed the project.  Truly, the ultimate playground!

Here are some of the final 3D designs of the facility we presented to the client:

Once the design was complete, our team got to work to make this 3D design a reality! In addition to the athletic equipment, our teams also provided the flooring and fans (from Big Ass Fans) throughout the facility. Once all of the equipment was manufactured and delivered, our install teams completed the installation, down to every last detail. And what an awesome sight to see! The following video was taken as our gymnastics installers were finishing up their portion of the install.

Click on the facebook link below see this project come to life from start to finish.