Victoria Moors Floor Routine at 2013 Pan Am Games:

We saw the popular Canadian unveil the spectacular laid-out double double earlier this year at the 2013 Canadian Championships – not long after American Mykayla Skinner made waves for throwing the very same gutsy move in the United States.

In this weekend’s Pan American Games, Moors didn’t quite land the skill, but the training videos clearly show she’s capable of it.  Note that in the 2nd training attempt in particular – though it’s difficult to tell how much her coach is assisting her – her body position and rotation appear to be improving.

Interestingly, at this point in time, the tucked double-double is actually worth the same as the laid-out version (an “H”), though with now two gymnasts competing this skill you have to wonder if the tucked version will soon be downgraded a notch.  This certainly raises the question over whether it’s worth it to throw the laid-out position, which is not only much more difficult, but more prone to deductions related to body positions, landing, and of course the floor boundaries.

Note how beautiful Moors’ tucked double-double was at this year’s American Cup:

Definitely one of the best double-doubles ever done…curiously the judges managed to find a whopping 1.3 in deductions in this routine (5.9 + 8.7 = 14.6) – even with just 3 tumbling passes.  But let’s not get started on that right now…

After failing to make the Olympic floor finals with just a 14.1 in the Olympic qualifications last year – much to the dismay of many fans – Victoria Moors seems to be on track to not only make the 2013 world floor finals, but to contend for a medal.  Her new music and choreography work so well for her, and if she can hit three solid landings I’d have a hard time not seeing her at least make the finals.

So will she throw the laid-out double double in Antwerp?  It’s hard to say whether this is truly worth it under today’s absolutely ruthless execution standards, considering how perfectly she can perform the tucked version.  I, for one, would rather see a nailed tucked double-double like the one she competed at the American Cup, along with perhaps an upgraded full-in dismount.  That certainly shouldn’t be difficult for her and would give her another tenth in difficulty.

Then again, if Victoria lands the new pass in the event finals at this competition, she’d become the first woman to successfully complete this skill in international competition – beating American Mykayla Skinner to the punch.