Viktoria Komova and Anastasia Grishina Podium Training Videos!

The two most exciting rising stars in the world are competing together on Russia’ junior team at the European Championships.  The videos below are of their full bars and beam routines from podium training yesterday…just released!

Viktoria Komova Bars 2010 Europeans Podium Training

Anastasia Grishina Bars 2010 Europeans Podium Training

DEFINITELY two of my favorite bar workers in the world right now.  It’s kind of neat they have such similar routines so we can compare them on just about every skill.  Both have a very “Nastia-like” appearance because of their lean lines, thin arms, and the shape of their handstands.  I LOVE the way they lock out their handstands (Komova had a short cast at the end), and I love the overall fluidity of their routines.  I’m actually starting to like Grishina’s a little better…Komova’s slight feet separations are becoming a little more apparent to me (another similarity to Nastia…).  Did Grishina add that stalder half on the low bar spur of the moment???  She obviously came up short on the cast pirouette and may have added that in…what a star!  Perhaps she should try connecting that right out of the Pak like Mustafina is doing.

Vikotoria Komova Beam 2010 Europeans Podium Training

Anastasia Grishina Beam 2010 Europeans Podium Training

For Komova…HUGE WOW.  You just don’t get much better than that.  That is just one of the most fluid and pleasing routines to watch I’ve ever seen.  Her style and confidence are literally evident in every single skill she does.  I just hope she keeps this up through 2012…I can’t wait to see the final athlete she develops into.  Grishina can obviously do a little better than this since she fell on the full, but she’s almost just as lovely to watch as Komova here.

So awesome to see these two athletes in such fantastic shape and making such an incredible impression all around the world.  I can’t wait to see what they do in this competition…female gymnasts like these sure are few and far between these days.