Not a big surprise, but absolutely worth watching…

An incredible all-around performance….61.25, nearly 3 points higher than her nearest competitor, Tan Sixin of China.  Were it not for a 14.9 on floor – still an extremely strong score on that event – Komova would have scored 15+ across the board.  Her exquisite combination of artistry and difficulty – not to mention her uncanny consistency – make her essentially unmatched in the world today.  The only gymnast capable of matching the type of all-around performance she had at this competition is Jorydn Wieber, who unfortunately didn’t get the chance to try, as USAG chose not to send any female athletes to this meet.  The much anticipated Komova-Wieber battle will have to wait another year, as both will be eligible for the 2011 world championships.

Viktoria Komova Vault 2010 Youth Olympics AA

Viktoria Komova Bars 2010 Youth Olympics AA

Viktoria Komova Beam 2010 Youth Olympics AA

Viktoria Komova Floor 2010 Youth Olympics AA

Definitely the best vault I’ve ever seen her do – great pop off the table, right down the middle, and totally completed.  Even though she’s not one of the most powerful gymnasts in the world, she has been consistently landing this in competition in the past year.  I expect it will only get better as she gains a little more strength over the next two years.  Bars and beam are exquisite as always…new combination of the leg-up full turn to front aerial, sheep jump.  Perhaps the one area she could work on just a bit is her landings on floor (may need to start incorporating the trendy “leaps” out of her tumbling passes), and of course upgrade that double tuck.  That Memmel turn (leg by her ear) is one of the best ever done though.

If she can stay healthy and just keep this up for two more years, London 2012 is going to be quite a show.