In this gymnastics equipment video from American Gymnast, we show you how to set up your AAI Elite Uneven Bars from start to finish.

These Women’s Uneven Bars consist of:

•    2 base plates
•    2 short uprights
•    2 long uprights
•    2 connecting links or spreaders
•    4 cables with cable tighteners
•    4 turnbuckles
•    4 swivel anchors

Beginning with the base, slide the uprights onto the base plate.  Take the 1/2″ (13 mm) bolt and secure the base to the upright. Repeat on both sides of the upright. Remove the screw on the upright and slide the connecting link or spreader up and return the screw.  This prevents the spreader from sliding down the entire upright.

Attach the cables to the chain link from the long upright to the short upright.  The cables go from outer link to inner link, making sure the cable tighteners are facing up.  Then do the same thing from the short upright to the long upright.  Repeat this whole process with the other base and upright.

Now slide the graphite X-bar into the low bar and then the high bar.  Make sure that the black part of the bolt is facing into the bars for both the low bar and the high bar.

Attach the turnbuckles to the cables.  Attach the swivel anchor to the cables as shown.  Secure the swivel anchor into the floor plate as shown.  Repeat for the other 3 swivel anchors.

Measure the distance between the swivel anchor and the base to make sure they are equal.

Tighten the turnbuckles and set your bars to your preferred setting.

For more specific step-by-step assembly instructions, please read the Instruction Sheet for this product here:

Train Smart. Compete Hard!

Jay Thornton

American Gymnast