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Tuck Jump 1

As on the floor the tuck jump on the beam is described as bringing the knees horizontal or higher at peak height. Taking off and landing is performed with one foot slightly in front of the other. As the gymnasts get better they can kick out after reaching the peak height of the tuck.

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Full Turn Couppe Position on Balance Beam

The full turns are performed on the beam following the same technical motions as the floor exercises. The turn is initiated moving the body in one single unit from the head and shoulders to the feet where the back foot not only pushes off the equipment to transfer the body support to the front foot, but also anchors the turning direction during the push off.

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Full Turn with Stag Leg on Balance Beam

The gymnasts' goal while performing the full turn with the front leg in a stag position is to complete the skill with the leg still in a horizontal line. The gymnast should also bring it down with control instead of dropping the leg down too early during the turn. The stag leg must be turned out.

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