So What’s The Verdict? A Projected Six-Member Women’s World Team

Simone Biles leap

Although the field was quite small in this competition, I’d have to say I was still very impressed with the quality of gymnastics of the gymnasts who did compete.  Simone Biles continued to sizzele (I’ll forgive one fall on beam especially considering she still won by over 4 points), Kyla Ross was dead on and ...

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Women’s Day 1 Wrap-Up….Always Some Surprises!

Alyssa Baumann

Simone Biles is the first female gymnast in recent years whom I would have no hesitation in calling the best all-arounder in the world TWO years in a row.   We could have easily said that about Kohei Uchimura on the men’s side for several years straight, but when was the last time we could truly ...

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What is the Most Important Skill in Your Routine?


"It's the next one, not the past one" ... as Dr. Cohn points out in his interview below with well-known sport psychology consultant, Dr. Keith Henschen.  This interview is a must-read for athletes and coaches that want to succeed at the highest level in their sport. by Dr. Patrick Cohn Do you have difficulty staying focused during ...

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3 Exercises. 20 Minutes. Go!

Crossfit dip ring group workout dipping in a row

It's always beneficial and fun to change up your workout routine and try some new things. If you want to continue to see results from your training, your body constantly needs to be introduced to something different. If you do the same routine week by week, you will certainly find yourself hanging out on the ...

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Chow’s New Secret Weapon Turns Heads – On The Radar for China?

Rachel Gowey headshot

So I’ve been away for a while again...a brand new job and brand new city in the last year have kept me quite busy.  But I’ve quietly still been keeping an eye on things since I last posted a year ago, and since we’re now exactly halfway into the quadrennium and there was plenty of ...

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The 61 Challenge


By exercise number 45, the majority of my body was on fire! When I reached the last 4 exercises, I can’t even describe the burn I was experiencing, but there was no way I was bailing at that point. I sucked it up, powered through and called it a victory.

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61 Medicine Ball Exercises to Create a Killer Workout

61 Medicine Ball Exercises

I’m happy to say I finally finished our video containing a large number (61 to be exact) of medicine ball exercises you can do at home. The video is meant to show you some exercises you may not be familiar with as well as the proper technique for each one. Choose a subgroup of exercises ...

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Do It All with the Medicine Ball


It is becoming increasingly popular these days to forego the trip to the gym and get a solid workout at home. People are becoming more educated in the use of bodyweight and small weighted products to get a total body workout. I am all for it and do it quite often myself. I can get ...

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American Gymnast Adds Strength and Fitness Product Line

American Gymnast Strength and Fitness Product LineAmerican Gymnast Strength and Fitness Product Line

American Gymnast is excited to announce its new Strength and Fitness concept at, featuring an entire product line for general fitness, weightlifting, gymnastics and bodyweight strength training. From it’s inception, American Gymnast has been an industry leader in promoting gymnastics exercises and products that utilize bodyweight for strength development and emphasize core conditioning.

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How To Keep High Confidence After Performing Poorly


Everyone can have a bad practice or competition from time to time. But, how do you regain your confidence and stop one bad meet from snowballing into a string of bad competitions. In this article, Dr. Patrick Cohn gives you examples and tips on how to keep your confidence high after a poor competition.

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