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I Love Gymnastics, But There is That One Thing…

If you are in the sport of gymnastics, I’m going to assume you are sticking to it quite simply because you love it. Let’s face it, gymnastics is not for [...]

One Major Thing That Might be Harming Your Athletic Performance

There are a number of factors that determine how on top of your game you will be while at practice or in competition. Some days you will notice you feel [...]

Is Perfectionism Good for Gymnasts?

In my mind, those words gave me permission to do whatever I had to do to hit my routine. It was reassurance that my teammates weren't expecting perfection from me, but that they were expecting to see me fight and scrap to hit my routine at all costs. It might be ugly, but I knew I was willing to give everything I had.

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How To Keep High Confidence After Performing Poorly

Everyone can have a bad practice or competition from time to time. But, how do you regain your confidence and stop one bad meet from snowballing into a string of bad competitions. In this article, Dr. Patrick Cohn gives you examples and tips on how to keep your confidence high after a poor competition.

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