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Graphite E (Soft) Rail To Be Used Next Season

After the 2013 JO National Championships, the 407-352 Graphite E (Soft) Rail will become the standard uneven bar rail used in J.O. competitions throughout the US. This flexible rail provides the feel of wood with the strength and resiliency of fiberglass. It is manufactured with less Graphite strands, making it 15-17% less rigid than the current Graphite X Rail.

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NEW! AAI Suede Padded Balance Beam Mat

This brand new Suede Padded Balance Beam Mat is designed to offer a padded landing for your gymnasts during balance beam training. It features a unique non-slip material on the bottom surface of the pad as well as 3 hook and loop straps to help keep it in place and ensure a tight fit.

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Rule Update – Floor Exercise Corner Mats

Both the Women's Junior Olympic program and the NCAA are now requiring the use of corner mats on Floor Exercise. Our new Foam Bonded Carpet Corner Mat System meets the requirements of the new rules.

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NEW! Non-Cabled Adjustable Single Bar Trainer

AAI has improved their previous Non-Cabled Single Bar Trainer to this new and improved fully-adjustable version. With the lowest setting at 12" high, this versatile bar can now be used as the ultimate handstand bar in the gym for practicing pirouetting skills. Raise it by any 6" increment all the way up to 72" high, and practice any of your other low bar skills.

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Difference between Gymnastics Trampoline Beds

What is the difference between the different types of beds you can put on your gymnastics trampoline? Here is a more detailed breakdown of each type of trampoline bed:

Pommel Buck Added to Gymnastics Equipment Product Line

The Pommel Buck is a vital training tool for pommel horse, but unfortunately has been missing from the AAI gymnastics equipment line for many years.  However, today, we're excited to [...]

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New Floor and Vault Gymnastics DVD with Paul Hamm

Olympic champion, Paul Hamm, is the featured coach in a brand new gymnastics DVD instruction for Floor Exercise and Vault. Titled "Essentials for Floor Exercise and Vault," this is a [...]

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Gymnastics Coaches – Check out this iPad App

Former National Team Coordinator, Ron Brant, has teamed up with current National Team Coordinator Kevin Mazieka to develop a sports assessment app for the iPad. The app allows a coach to track the progress of their athlete through the use of a video timeline that records and graphically displays a score that the coach assigns to each clip.

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Get Gymnastics Coaching from Olympic Champ Paul Hamm

2004 Olympic All-Around Champ, Paul Hamm, is offering gymnastics coaching via online video to gymnasts around the world. Simply email Paul your video and he'll reply back with a detailed analysis of your skill.

2012 Holiday Gymnastics Equipment and Mats

Our 2012 Holiday Gymnastics Equipment & Mat lineup is currently in production and will feature tons of our best sellers as well as some hot new items. Orders can be placed now with an expected ship date of Monday, November 12th.