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4 Things Every Cheerleader Should Be Doing

Those just starting off their cheerleading career often find themselves in a very challenging predicament. After teaching cheerleaders tumbling for over 7 years, I saw it way too often. These [...]

Gymnastics Ring Strength Training at Home

Having spent a majority of my youth in gymnastics, I love seeing the general fitness community incorporate and embrace some of the pieces of equipment I spent years training [...]

Are You as Fit as a Ninja Warrior?

It's just finished it's sixth season, but it seems that it really hasn’t been until the last few years that American Ninja Warrior has really gained a serious following. This [...]

3 Exercises. 20 Minutes. Go!

It's always beneficial and fun to change up your workout routine and try some new things. If you want to continue to see results from your training, your body constantly [...]

Do It All with the Medicine Ball

It is becoming increasingly popular these days to forego the trip to the gym and get a solid workout at home. People are becoming more educated in the use of [...]

6 Fears that Haunt Gymnasts

Are You (or your gymnasts) Afraid to Fail? More and more athletes I work with on the mental game come to me with fear of failure. Fear and fear of failure is a constant source of stress or anxiety that sabotages athletes' mental game and performance. What Is Fear of Failure for Gymnasts? Read on to find out more

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Fascinating Nellie Kim interview…plus a possible solution to the women's age dilemma?

Nellie Kim provided International Gymnast with a very insightful interview, in which she discusses some of the controversial issues in today's gymnastics world. Plus, check out a proposed solution to the age a professional circuit the answer?

Thoughts on some recent events…

Some thoughts on some of the recent events in the gymnastics world, including the Romanian coaching scandal, Samantha Peszek's comeback, and the women's Chinese nationals.

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