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61 Medicine Ball Exercises to Create a Killer Workout

I’m happy to say I finally finished our video containing a large number (61 to be exact) of medicine ball exercises you can do at home. The video is meant [...]

Do It All with the Medicine Ball

It is becoming increasingly popular these days to forego the trip to the gym and get a solid workout at home. People are becoming more educated in the use of [...]

American Gymnast Adds Strength and Fitness Product Line

American Gymnast is excited to announce its new Strength and Fitness concept at, featuring an entire product line for general fitness, weightlifting, gymnastics and bodyweight strength training. From it’s inception, American Gymnast has been an industry leader in promoting gymnastics exercises and products that utilize bodyweight for strength development and emphasize core conditioning.

Stomach Strength

Below are some great exercises to increase your stomach strength (and get those 6-pack abs!). The pictures will show us using equipment in the gym, but you can just as easily substitute things around the house (beds, couches, tables, etc) to help you perform a lot of these exercises - be creative! You'll also notice that some of the terminology we use are just slang terms that have evolved over time while doing these in the may have different names for some of these exercises.

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Developing a Rock-Solid Handstand

The handstand is the most fundamental and crucial element in all of gymnastics. It's body position can be seen in elements done on every single apparatus in the sport. The development of a gymnast's handstand is generally started at the very earliest stages of recreational levels, but gymnasts should continually train and refine their position throughout their entire career.

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